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This refillable e-liquid pod is designed specifically for the KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer Pen. Compatible with both e-liquids and oils, the RUBI pod is one of few refillable pod cartridges in the industry and was built to be entirely leak-proof while eliminating “spit-back.” The KandyPens RUBI Pod features a ceramic heating coil with Japanese cotton that was engineered to deliver smooth, tasty rips. Unlike other vaporizer pods that come pre-filled, simply remove the plug on the side to refill with your choice of liquids. This system inevitably saves you time & money constantly buying new pods.

RUBI users tend to find themselves buying new pods when they want to change vaping materials. When you change e-liquid flavors, the first few hits from your vaporizer tend to be harsh and unpleasant, so having a spare on hand is always recommended if you frequently like to mix things up. We also highly suggest getting a new pod in general when the cotton appears discolored or vapor begins to taste burnt. Grab yourself a replacement or spare KandyPens RUBI Pod today and enjoy continued freedom over vaping your oils & e-liquids!

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Compatible with Oils & E-Liquids 💧
KandyPens RUBI Replacement Pod
Ceramic Heating Coil
Japanese Cotton
No Spit-Back
Refillable Pod with Plug
Fits the KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer

*Note: Not for use with Nicotine E-Liquid. 

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