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The KandyPens Oura has taken a quantum leap in portable e-rig technology and is fully equipped with everything you’d want in an electric dab rig. This portable e-rig boasts an unrivaled 5 second heat-up time and was designed with a ton of user-friendly features that offer a seamless vaping experience from your wax concentrates. Haptic feedback technology, pass-through charging, “Smart Touch” buttonless controls, and illuminating LED lights is just the start. Four optimized temperature settings, multiple atomizer options, and a powerful 3000mAh battery work in perfect harmony to deliver tasty vapor clouds while offering full control over each dab. The KandyPens Oura Vaporizer is topped with a handmade glass bubbler attachment that adds the final cooling touch to each hit before inhalation. This dynamic e-rig sports a rugged zinc alloy shell for dependable durability, fashioned with a variety of pastel color choices to match nearly any taste or preference!

KandyPens Oura E-Rig Vaporizer Kandy Apple Red

KandyPens equipped the Oura E-Rig Vaporizer with an incredibly powerful 3000mAh battery to deliver thick vapor at any temperature setting. This beefed up battery supplies consistent performance every use and boasts a convenient ‘Session Mode’ better suited for entertaining large groups. The KandyPens Oura features pass-through charging so you can use the device while its plugged in, and the included USB-C fast charger will replenish the battery to 100% power in less than one hour. The Oura also has a 4 minute auto-shutoff feature that conserves your battery if forget to turn the unit off, while the “Smart Touch” sensor gives this e-rig a futuristic element by offering buttonless controls.

KandyPens Oura E-Rig Vaporizer

The KandyPens Oura E-Rig has a unique shape that is highlighted by the handmade glass bubbler attachment on the very top. This thick glass mouthpiece was built to be extremely durable and deliver powerful, yet cool hits of vapor. We recommend filling the bubbler attachment with enough water to cover the holes in the base of the glass for optimal filtration and moisture-conditioning. The Oura Vaporizer has a low draw resistance so it's always easy to pull vapor, no matter the density. This KandyPens E-Rig includes both a quartz atomizer and ceramic bowl made for use with your wax concentrates. The quartz crystal atomizer reaches your preferred temperatures quickly & efficiently, delivering consistently dense vapor on-demand. The ceramic bowl heats up a tad bit slower than its quartz counterpart, but is much more effective for conserving the flavors of your extracts and keeping outside flavors from entering your vapor. The options provided by the Oura E-Rig open up more possibilities for exploring your materials and matching any personal preference.

KandyPens Oura E-Rig Vaporizer

The KandyPens Oura E-Rig Vaporizer features four preset temperatures (620°F, 860°F, 980°F, 1090°F) so you can experience the full flavor profiles and potency levels of your wax concentrates. Each setting is fine-tuned for efficient vaporization of wax concentrates and uses color coded LED lights to indicate your chosen temperature setting. Flavor enthusiasts will want to stick with the yellow & green lights, while red & blue are ideal for blowing big clouds. These LED lights, also known as the Oura effect, will display on a band across the base so you won't have to stare at the power button like variable voltage vaporizers of the past. When the Oura reaches your selected temperature, the haptic feedback technology vibrates to let you know it's time to load your concentrates! Grab the KandyPens Oura E-Rig today and start enjoying the latest, most intelligent wax vaporizer to join the family of trendsetting electric rigs.

KandyPens Oura E-Rig Vaporizer


“Best E-Nail 2019” - The Vape Guide
“Best E-Nail for Dabs 2019” - Vaping360
“Best Portable Dab Rig of 2019” - The Vape Critic

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
KandyPens Oura E-Rig Vaporizer 
Portable & Buttonless Design
Intelligent Electric Dab Rig
5 Second Heat Up Time
Durable Zinc Alloy Shell 
Quartz Crystal Atomizer
Ceramic Bowl Atomizer
Bubbler Mouthpiece
Handmade Glass
3000mAh Battery
Smart Touch Sensor 
USB-C Fast Charging
Pass Through Charging 
Haptic Vibration Technology
4 Minute Auto-shutoff Feature
LED Illuminated (OURA effect)
4 Optimized Temperature Settings 
“Smart Touch” Power Sensor (No button)
Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty on All Parts

KandyPens Oura E-Rig Vaporizer

Box Includes:

1 x KandyPens Oura E-Rig Base
1 x Glass Bubbler Mouthpiece
1 x Quartz Crystal Atomizer
1 x Ceramic Atomizer
1 x Dabbing Tool
1 x Carb Cap & Tether 
4 x Cotton Cleaning Swabs
1 x USB-C Fast Charging Cable

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