HoneyStick Fill-It-Yourself Kit

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The Honey Stick Fill-It-Yourself Kit is an essential tool for any oil concentrate enthusiast, allowing you to seamlessly convert your waxy concentrates into oil and then fill it into your vape tank, dab rig nail, and more. Carry your wax-to-oil kit in one smart storage case containing everything you need to make wax concentrates into e-juice. The Honey Stick FIY Kit includes syringes, a mixing spatula, flavor shots, PG+ Mixer fluid, and glass oil dishes. The case will also hold your Honey Stick Mod tank, mod, and USB. Easily convert wax concentrates into smooth, flavorful vape oil in no time.

Honey Stick fill it yourself kit

How to use the Honeystick fill-it-yourself Kit:

  1. Place your concentrates in the glass container
  2. Add the PG mixer in desired ratio
  3. Use gentle heat to make sure your concentrates completely dissolve
  4. (optional) add flavor if desired
  5. Use the provided syringe to add the vape oil to your cartridge without spilling

The fill-it-yourself kit makes it easy to transform your favorite concentrates from wax to oil. Re-use cartridges, save money and have a blast doing it. Creating concentrate oils has never been easier or more approachable.

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Honey Stick Fill-It-Yourself Kit
Converts Waxy Concentrates into Oil
Includes Everything you Need!
Easy Fill Design
Flavor Shots
Glass Mixing Dishes
Medical Grade Syringes
Stealthy Carrying Case w/ Carabiner Clip

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