Honey Dabber II Concentrate Straw

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Style: Quartz
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The Honey Dabber II is a cherry wood concentrate straw designed for enjoying waxy oils at home or on-the-go. Using the Honey Dabber II Concentrate Straw is extremely easy. Simply heat the exposed straw end with a torch or flame, then dip it into your favorite extracts while inhaling from the mouthpiece. Unlike other concencentrate straws of the past, the Honey Dabber II eliminates the problem of having to wait for the hot tip to cool down after each use. A removable cherry wood sleeve safely covers the heating tip after you're done so you can go about your day without waiting. 

Honey Dabber 2 Concentrate Straw

Honey Labs equipped the Honey Dabber II with options. Choose between titanium or quartz straws for different flavor profiles, or snag one of each to enjoy the best of both worlds! Quartz provides lower temperature dabs and is known for extracting optimal flavors from your wax concentrates. Titanium is known for its faster heat up time and best for those who need their dabs quick & easy. Titanium is also much more durable and therefore less likely to break over time. 

Honey Dabber 2 Concentrate Straw

Honey Dabber is manufactured with love by Honey Labs in Northeast Ohio. Made of the highest quality materials including cherry hardwood, CP2 Titanium, and neodymium magnets, the Honey Dabber II boasts solid build quality and promised longevity. Each Honey Dabber II Concentrate Straw is free of chemicals & residues, and all parts fully disassemble for easy cleaning. The Honey Dabber II is ideal for all wax concentrate enthusiasts who prefer simplicity and convenience with an elegant, homespun feel.

Honey Dabber 2 Concentrate Straw

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Honey Dabber II Concentrate Straw
Cherry Hardwood Sleeve
Magnetic Connections
Neodymium Magnets
5.25” inch Length
Easy to Clean
2-Part Design
Simple to Use
Replaceable Tips
On-the-Go Dab Solution
Portable & Pocket-Friendly
Choice of Quartz or Titanium Straws
Proudly Designed & Made in the USA

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