Grav Upline® Spoon Pipe

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This thick glass hand pipe from Grav provides more than just a spoonful. The Upline Spoon Pipe is built to last with super thick borosilicate glass and the classic Upline style ladder rings perfected by Grav originally on the Upline Bubbler Bong. These thick glass interior rings work to strengthen the neck of your hand pipe while acting as an ash-catching restriction to prevent materials from pulling through to your mouth as you inhale. The extra glass makes this spoon a little bigger and a bit heavier than your average hand pipe, but it’s certainly nothing to complain about. The Grav Upline Spoon is equipped with a deep bowl for generous packs for your dry herbs, a left side air carb for controlling the airflow & size of each hit, and an ergonomic pinched mouthpiece tooled for comfort. The Grav Upline Spoon Pipe measures 5” inches in length and is finished with a black Upline Decal just below the flower bowl. 

Grav Upline Spoon Pipe

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Grav Upline® Spoon Hand Pipe
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Ash Catching Restrictions
5mm Extra Thick Glass
Built-in Ladder Rings
5” inch Length
Deep Bowl
Clear Glass
Left Side Air Carb
Black Upline Decal
Ergonomic Mouthpiece
Compact & Travel-Friendly
Thick Scientific Glass Hand Pipe
American Made Glass [Austin, TX]

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