Grav® x Jane West 10” Beaker Bong

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Color: Cobalt Blue
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The Jane West Beaker Bong is the perfect mix of modern smoking elegance and contemporary charm. This beautifully discreet tabletop water pipe brings a distinguished feel to the traditional bong’s familiar functionality. The Jane West Beaker Bong features a fission downstem that uses tiny holes at the end of the air path to diffuse your smoke through water within the base. This downstem is fixed inside the pipe to prevent damage and effectively filters each hit to smooth perfection. A long and narrow straight tube neck gives each hit ample time to cool down within the borosilicate glass walls while a sturdy 6” inch wide base ensures your water pipe always stays upright. This extra wide diameter also creates a voluminous beaker base for churning up delicious rips. We found that the Jane West Beaker Bong functions best with approximately 2” inches of water.

Grav Jane West Beaker Bong

The Jane West Beaker Bong stands 10” inches tall and is made on 25mm diameter tubing. The beaker’s fixed diffuser downstem and hand-finished joints ensure a seamless user experience while a striking combination of curves and sharp angles match Jane West's sophisticated style. The stunning body is crafted with premium borosilicate glass, a highly heat-resistant material that won't crack under high temperatures or adulterate the essential flavors of your materials. Each of these borosilicate glass bongs are made with the purest silica in the world and available in your choice of classy cloud white, soft green mint, or striking cobalt blue colors. The Jane West Beaker Bong includes a matching 14mm Funnel Bowl Piece that has a large capacity for loading your dry herbs. 

Grav Jane West Beaker Bong

Jane West is by far the most renowned female icon in the cannabis industry. She is the founder of “Edible Events,” a cannabis-based event planning company, and “Woman Grow,” the largest professional cannabis networking organization to date. Her eponymous lifestyle brand creates home goods and accessories that emphasize on the benefits of this incredible plant. Designed with the everyday consumer in mind, the Jane West Collection by Grav presents glass pipes as functional design objects of the highest quality, to be proudly displayed at home and shared with friends. Bring home the Jane West Beaker Bong today and enjoy the most elegant and functional water pipe available. 

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿 
Grav® Jane West Beaker Bong
Thick 4mm Borosilicate Glass
Purest Silica in the World
Fixed Diffuser Downstem 
6” inches Wide
10” inches Tall
Beaker Base
Finished Joints
Jane West Logo
14mm Female Joint
14mm Matching Bowl
Contemporary Color Choices
Thick Scientific Glass Water Pipe
Designed by Jane West, Made by Grav

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