GRAV® Fire Button™ Portable E-Nail 🍯
GRAV® Fire Button™ Portable E-Nail 🍯
GRAV® Fire Button™ Portable E-Nail 🍯
GRAV® Fire Button™ Portable E-Nail 🍯
GRAV® Fire Button™ Portable E-Nail 🍯
GRAV / Grav Labs

Grav® Fire Button™ Portable E-Nail 🍯

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The GRAV® Fire-Button™ is a portable e-nail fit for use with any female-joint water pipe or upright bubbler. Simplifying the process of heating your wax concentrates, the GRAV Fire Button creates a torchless dabbing experience by adding a button ignition to your favorite bong! The surface of the eNail is a sheet of titanium foil set into a removable skillet whereas the edges of the foil are crimped around a ceramic heating element and the entire assembly is free of adhesive. The Grav skillet screws into an included ceramic joint with 10mm, 14mm & 19mm tiers. An insulated whip cord connects the joint to the battery, where the e-nail is controlled by a single button.

Grav Fire Button Portable E-Nail Rig

Holding the fire button will heat the foil to 800° F within 3 seconds while feathering the button achieves temperatures as low as 500° F. Just load the titanium skillet and hit the big silicone button to blast away your concentrates. Designed for maximum portability, user-friendliness, universal compatibility & safety, the GRAV Fire Button will have you dabbing at the push of a button.

Grav Fire Button Portable E-Nail Rig

The Fire-Button™ comes with a wall charger and two replacement skillets. The rechargeable battery pack offers hours of endless use, ending the days of needing butane and annoying power cords. The Grav eNail is built to heat-up and cool down instantaneously as needed, and its stylish purple silicone exterior that provides built-in heat resistance so the device itself is never too hot to touch.

Get Connected:

Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
GRAV® Fire Button™ Portable E-Nail Attachment
Fits any Female Joint Bong or Upright Bubbler
Ceramic Joint with 10mm, 14mm & 19mm Tiers
Enclosed Titanium e-Rig System
Heat Resistant Silicone Body
User Friendly Functionality 
Torchless Dabbing
Free of Adhesives
3 Foot Cord
Universal Fitting
Mini USB Connection
Instant Heat-Up & Cool-Down
6 Hour Charge Time (up to 30-40 Uses)
Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (4.2v / 150w)
2 Heating Elements (up to 1500 hits each)
Portable & Travel-Friendly eNail Vaporizer
One Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
Measures 4.75" x 2.75" x 1.25" inches
Made in the USA  [Austin, TX]

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