GRAV® 4" Big Bell Chillum Pipe 🛎
GRAV® 4" Big Bell Chillum Pipe 🛎

GRAV® 4" Big Bell Chillum Pipe 🛎

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The Grav 4" Big Bell Chillum is exactly how it sounds - BIG. Standing 4" inches tall and built with a 19mm bowl that fits nearly a gram of material, this is undoubtedly the largest chillum you will ever smoke. The bell shaped design allows for unexpectedly smooth hits from a rather large mouthpiece. Chillums are also synonymous with one-hitters, but better believe you will be taking more than just one hit with this massive Big Bell Chillum.

Grav Big Bell Chillum Pipe

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Compatible with dry herbs 🌿
Grav Labs Big Bell Chillum Hand Pipe
Large 19mm Bowl Fits a Gram of Material
High Quality, Smoke Colored Glass
Wide Bubbler Mouthpiece
Self Standing Design
Grav Decal
4" inches Tall
1.5" inches Wide
Thick 25mm Tubing Glass
Portable & Travel-Friendly Pipe 
Fits Comfortably in Your Hand

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