Glassheads "Pris-Mallet" Hammer Style Bubbler

Glassheads "Pris-Mallet" Hammer Style Bubbler

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This bright hammer style bubbler will guarantee you stand out in the haze. From the creative minds at Glassheads, the 6.5” inch "Pris-Mallet" Hammer Bubbler features a diffuser downstem that leads into a bubbly tube neck mouthpiece, with a worked glass body that closely resembles a mallet. Handblown in the USA, this large hammer style bubbler features a stylish rainbow of colored cane including red, blue, green, yellow, orange & violet.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Glassheads "Pris-Mallet" Hammer Bubbler
High Quality, Worked Colored Glass
Flat Base - Sits Upright 
6.5” inches in Length
Fixed Flower Bowl
Diffuser Downstem
6 Colors of Cane
Mallet Shaped Body
Handheld & Portable
Thick Hammer Style Bubbler
Handblown in Savannah, GA

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