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Title: Sloth on a Bong
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Torch Art is a line of butane torches brought to you by ErrlyBird, featuring limited-edition high-quality prints of original artwork created specifically for the torches. Designed to last, each torch carries a no-proof needed lifetime warranty and features an easy to use “quik-fire” ignition system that enables use with just one hand. That same hand can be then be used for locking the flame in place & adjusting the flame size using levers on the side. When you purchase Torch Art, you're not only supporting an artist, but you're also buying a torch for life! 

ErrlyBird Torch Art Torch

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ErrlyBird Torch Art Torches 🔥
Reaches Temperatures up to 2700°F
“Quik-Fire” Ignition System 
Adjustable Flame Size
Easy One Hand Use
Flame Lock
Removable Base*
3-Month Manufacturer Warranty

* Refill with Butane at the Bottom - Filtered Butane Only

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