ErrlyBird Tip Tech Cotton Swab Maxi

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ErrlyBird Tip Tech Maxi are the largest cotton swabs on the market! They are 10mm wide on both ends, making them double the size of the next largest cotton swab available and guaranteed to be more absorbent than any other cotton swab available. The Tip Tech Maxi Swabs are perfect for mopping up globs and keeping your quartz fresh, and can be re-used for several dabs unlike other swabs. These cotton swabs were expertly engineered with one rounded end and a pointed end on the other side so you can reach every crevice & corner of your banger with ease. There are 100 swabs included in each pack.

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Tip Tech Maxi Cotton Swabs
Extra Large 100 Pack

10mm Wide on Both Ends
Two-In-One Tool
Premium Cotton Tip
Won't Leave Cotton Behind

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