Empire Glassworks Penis Hand Pipe

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At approximately 4” inches in length, this Empire Glassworks hand pipe is quite the package. Certainly not the most appealing piece but definitely a conversation starter, the Empire Glassworks Penis Hand Pipe is extremely detailed and features handmade worked glass accents with throbbing veins & all. This novelty glass pipe even has a flat surface on the front so it will stand up fully erect when not in use! A large spoon-style bowl sack provides you with hearty packs of your dry herb and a left side air carb gives you complete mastery over each load. If your in search of the money shot gag gift for your favorite stoner or bachelorette, the Empire Glassworks Penis Hand Pipe is sure to satisfy. 

Empire Glassworks Penis Hand Pipe

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Empire Glassworks Penis Hand Pipe
Nice & Thick Borosilicate Glass
Custom Blended Colors
Flat Base Stands Erect
Left Side Air Carb
4” inches Tall
Deep Bowl
Worked Glass
Throbbing Veins
Penis Themed Design
Portable & Travel-Friendly
Great Gag Gift for Stoners
Limited Quantity & Availability
Individually Handcrafted Art Piece*
American Made Glass [Placentia, California]

*Note: Every penis is individually handmade and comes out slightly different than the last, just the way god intended. Each penis has slight variations in color & design, meaning the one you choose is custom and guaranteed to please! Made for tobacco use only…

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