Empire Glassworks Limited Edition Pokéflute Hand Pipe

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Still feel like you gotta catch ‘em all? Not a problem with a little help from the Empire Glassworks Pokéflute Hand Pipe. A prime example of the expert glassblowers & innovative minds at Empire Glassworks since its founding, the Pokéflute Hand Pipe is constructed from high grade borosilicate glass for a thick chillum-style pipe you will cherish for life. An exact replica of the TV Series Pokémon Pokéflute, this glass pipe features custom mixed colors and handmade Pokémon-inspired accents from top to bottom. With a sizeable bowl for hearty packs of your dry herbs, this Empire Glassworks Hand Pipe will provide incredibly tasty rips from home or on-the-go.

Empire Glassworks Pokeflute Hand Pipe

The Pokéflute has been around since the earliest of the Pokémon series. For those of you who don't know, the Pokéflute was a vital tool used in the storyline for waking up the sleeping Snorlax who was blocking the path to Fuchsia City. In battle, the flute can be used to wake up a sleeping Pokémon, while outside it will play an enjoyable catchy tune! The Pokéflute Hand Pipe has been discontinued with only a handful in circulation, so catch one today before they’re gone for good!

Discontinued Collector’s Item:

Unfortunately, Empire Glassworks was sued for copyright infringement following the release of the Pokeflute Hand Pipe and forced to discontinue production of the design. We recovered this piece from one of our old storage units and found to our astonishment it was in pristine condition. The Pokeflute Hand Pipe you see pictured is the one & only we have in stock. In fact, we searched the depths of the internet and it’s likely the only unused Pokeflute left in circulation. With nearly none of these Pokeflute Hand Pipes still in existence, this glass pipe is a remarkably special collectors item that can be added to your collection today for a very limited time.

Empire Glassworks Pokeflute Hand Pipe

Empire Glassworks is based out of Placentia, California where their top notch artists blow each of their creations individually by hand with custom mixed colors for a truly unique & one-of-a-kind glass pipe you can't find anywhere else. Each of their concepts come out slightly different, so the one you get is guaranteed to be a truly custom piece of art.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Empire Glassworks Pokéflute Hand Pipe
High Grade Borosilicate Glass
Pokémon Themed Pipe
Custom Mixed Colors
Collectors Item
5” inches Tall
1” inch Wide
Limited Edition
Discontinued Design
Chillum-Style Glass Pipe
Individually Handcrafted Artwork
Capture Capsule & Pokéflute Accents
Proudly Handmade in the USA [Placentia, CA]

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