ELEV8 Titanium Pawn Carb Cap

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The ELEV8 Titanium Pawn Carb Cap features a wide base that is compatible with large bangers up to 25mm. Named from its elegant resemblance to a chess pawn, this 2-part Titanium Carb Cap is made up of entirely high quality titanium and built to last. An air hole on the top allows for unrestricted airflow, while the top of this carb cap unscrews for even more air and easy access for cleaning.

Carb caps are a great tool to have around and an essential accessory for dab rigs with domeless nails. If you happen to take a rip that’s too big to inhale (don’t worry, we’ve all been there), simply cap your nail to exhale without wasting precious concentrate vapor from burning off the top. The unique shape and large two-part construction of the ELEV8 Titanium Pawn Carb Cap makes this accessory a must-have addition to any dab rig setup.

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Made for Concentrates 🍯
ELEV8 Titanium Pawn Carb Cap
Compatible with Domeless Nails
Solid Titanium Construction
Pawn Shaped Design
Easy to Clean
Air Hole for Unrestricted Airflow
2-Piece Carb Cap Unscrews for more Airflow
Wide Carb Cap fits Larger Bangers up to 25mm

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