ELEV8 Terp Slurper Vacuum Banger

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Title: 14mm / Male
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The ELEV8 Terp Slurper Vacuum Banger is the perfect quartz nail to upgrade your arsenal of dabbing accessories. Crafted using the highest quality quartz available, this double-decker banger supports large amounts of wax concentrates while allowing for smooth low-temperature heating. The Terp Slurper Vacuum Banger heats and loads oil from the lower dish into the upper dish, providing for more travel time that results in cooler vapor. The top dish measures in at 25mm while the bottom reaches an even larger 28mm, aimed to satisfy the heaviest of dabbers. Available in multiple sizes/genders and fit for everyday use, the ELEV8 Terp Slurper Vacuum Banger is dressed to impress and built to optimize your dabbing experience.

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
ELEV8 Terp Slurper Style Vacuum Banger
Highest Quality Quartz Materials

Crafted for Extra Large Dabs
Double Bucket Design
28mm Bottom Dish
2.75” inches Tall
Oil Accessory
Polished Joint
90° Joint Angle
Low Temp Dabbing
Scientific Quartz Banger
14mm & 18mm Joint Sizes

Male & Female Joint Fittings

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