ELEV8 Enail - Universal Electronic Titanium/Quartz Hybrid E-Nail 🍯

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The ELEV8 eNail from Smoke Cartel is here to provide you with perfect dabs for an elevated session unlike any other. The ELEV8 eNail conveniently replaces your glass water pipe’s bowl piece or banger with an extremely high-quality, domeless grade 2 titanium nail. However, this is no ordinary titanium nail--equipped with a 100% quartz dish at the top, experience the same rugged reliability you’d expect from a titanium nail with the flavors you’d expect from using quartz. Titanium nails are popular because they heat super efficiently, retain heat well, and are damn near indestructible. Quartz on the other hand is considered safer & tastier, the most ideal preference for enjoying low-temp dabs. No need to choose one or the other with the ELEV8 eNail, for the included titanium/quartz hybrid nail will provide you the best of both worlds!

Boasting a universal compatibility, the Smoke Cartel ELEV8 eNail will fit any dab rig or glass bong with a 14.5mm or 18.8mm joint, and works with both male or female joints. The super unique titanium/quartz nail is hooked up to a controller box with a 3ft Kevlar-braided nichrome heating coil that gives you full mastery over heating your wax concentrates, with the speedy ability able to reach max temperatures in as little as two to three minutes. Kevlar sleeving is used to bundle & protect your wires from extreme environmental conditions, providing a clutch combination of durability, pliability, and high tensile strength to your eNail. Included with a handy carrying pouch, you can bring this Smoke Cartel eNail with you on-the-go and break it out wherever needed. Available at a fraction of the price of similar eNails with the same technology & specs, the ELEV8 eNail is a clutch no-brainer pickup for your next dabbing sesh.

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
ELEV8 Universal Analog Enail by Smoke Cartel
Electronic Titanium/Quartz Hybrid E-Nail
Domeless Grade 2 Titanium Nail
Replaceable Quartz Dish
Digital Control Box
Super Universal eNail
Fits Male & Female Joints
Fits 14.5mm or 18mm Joints
Disassembles for Easy Cleaning
Kevlar Braided Nichrome Heating Coil
Precision Temperature Control
2-3 Minute Heat-Up Time
Highest Quality Materials
Compact & Portable
Torchless Dabbing
Designed in the USA

ELEV8 E-Nail Kit Includes:

1 x Analog/Digital Hybrid Controller Box
1 x Domeless Grade 2 Titanium Nail
1 x Replaceable Quartz Dish
1 x Zippered Travel Pouch
1 x 5ft Wall DC Power Cord
1 x 3ft Black Kevlar Braided Heating Coil with XLR Plug

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