Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler 🐘

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The amount of detail on this hand pipe is astounding. With an entire worked glass head and trunk that acts as the neck, the Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler is a completely functional piece of art! The themed glass head is complete with white tusks, big floppy ears, beady eyes, and wrinkles along its forehead and the bridge of its nose. The mouthpiece is located on the back of the elephant's skull. The bent neck of the hammer pipe is in the form of the elephants trunk that appears to be holding onto the rest of the bubbler. A deep bowl can be found on this side, giving you packs big enough to knock out an actual elephant. Attached to the deep bowl is a fixed diffuser downstem that works to filter your smoke in a small amount of water for cooler, tastier inhales. 

The Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler measures 7” inches in length. On the front of the bowl there is a red glass milli and three raised glass lines. These glass lines help with holding the pipe while in use. The glass milli is highly detailed with beautiful red petals inside and the color matches the ears of the elephant. A side carb hole, which allows you to control airflow, is located on the side of the flower bowl. The Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler won't fall over when tabled because the elephant's skull and the bottom of the bowl is flat like the bottom of an elephant's foot. These flat feet act as stands, so your hammer pipe will be as sturdy as a fully grown, trunk blowing, ear flapping elephant is. Snag the Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler today from the best online head shop and enjoy stylish, moisture-conditioned rips without sacrificing portability. 

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler 
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Fixed Diffuser Downstem
Highly Detailed Artwork
Glass Milli Accent
7” inch Length
Bent Neck
Easy to Grip
Unique Design
Left Side Air Carb
Thick Colored Glass
Flat Base(s) Stands Upright
Elephant Themed Hammer Bubbler

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