Dr. Dabber Light Universal 510-Thread USB Charger 🔌

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This 510-thread USB charger is a replacement charger designed for the Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer. Thanks to its universal 510-threading, this USB charger also fits the Dr. Dabber Ghost and any other 510-threaded vape pen battery that you wish to charge! Using this charger is quite simple—just screw on any compatible vaporizer pen battery and plug the USB connection into any suitable power source. This includes the wall adapter that comes with your smartphone or any laptop/personal computer. Although a tad more expensive than a generic unbranded USB vape charger, the Dr. Dabber Light Replacement USB Charger features a sturdy build to ensure long-lasting dependability with a brand that always stands by the quality of its products.

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Dr. Dabber Light USB Charger 🔌 
Designed for the Dr. Dabber Light
Durable Rubber & Plastic Build
Compact Design
Fast Charging
Easy to Use
Universal 510-Threading
Replacement USB Charger
Fits any 510-Threaded Vape Pen

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