Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer - AHOL Graffiti Edition 🍯

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The AHOL Edition of the Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer blends the award-winning vapor production of the Aurora Vape Pen with the mind-bending patterns of Florida’s premiere graffiti artist, AHOL Sniffs Glue. This low-temp, variable voltage wax vaporizer features AHOL's signature droopy eyes embellished on its sleek and slender pen-style frame, available in stylish blue & white or red & black colors. Like the original Aurora, this remake also features a threadless design using powerful Snaptech magnetic connections that lock the atomizers, mouthpiece and battery securely together for ultra fast and easy changes. The Dr. Dabber x AHOL Vaporizer comes bundled with a custom AHOL lapel, platinum-grade silicone dab mat, custom AHOL silicone container and non-stick loading tool--all packaged in a faux spray paint stash container that pays homage to the namesake artist.

Dr. Dabber Aurora AHOL Graffiti Edition

Also included with the Dr. Dabber Aurora AHOL Edition are 3 premium wax atomizers that each offer a nuanced way to enjoy your waxy oils. All 3 of these advanced atomizers are crafted with high grade materials including 100% quartz crystal and made to deliver a unique vapor profile. The quartz rod atomizer delivers pure tasting rips with the fastest heat up time, while the dual ceramic rod atomizer is ideal for low-temp dabs with flavor-rich rips. Last but not least, a ceramic halo atomizer with a quartz dish is the perfect go to for vaping thicker oils & concentrates. Each Aurora AHOL edition atomizer uses magnetic attachments for faster connections and easy swapping. No threading necessary, just snap the atomizers into place and enjoy.

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Pen AHOL Edition

The Dr. Dabber Aurora Wax Vaporizer Pen allows for even more customization with a variable voltage battery that opens up a world of possibilities. This vape pen battery is equipped with 3 optimized heat settings that were chosen for the most popular vapor styles. Experiment from a variety of tasty vaping profiles, from small tasty sips to large robust clouds, and find what works best for you. Heat settings are signified by different colored LED lights and can easily be toggled by pressing the power button three times. The 3 optimized heat settings in conjunction with the 3 interchangeable advanced atomizers enable a wide array of combinations for exploring every type of vaping style from your wax concentrates. The battery is rechargeable via USB, allowing you to speedily charge up on-the-go.

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Pen AHOL Graffiti Edition

The Dr. Dabber Aurora AHOL Edition Vaporizer is unlike many other vape pens on the market from the inside out. A refashioned ceramic shotgun mouthpiece offers improved airflow and a clog-free design. The use of magnetic attachments make it easier & faster than ever to snap the battery onto your chosen atomizer, and atomizer onto the mouthpiece. Brought to life by the captivating visuals of a luminary graffiti artist and powered by stunning Dr. Dabber technology, the Aurora AHOL Vaporizer Pen makes vaping wax concentrates a transcendent smoking experience like none other.

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer - AHOL Edition
Dual Ceramic Rod w/Quartz Dish Atomizer
Dual Quartz Rod w/Quartz Dish Atomizer
Ceramic Halo w/Quartz Dish Atomizer
Psychedelic Droopy Eyes Artwork
Snaptech Magnetic Connections
Ceramic Shotgun Mouthpiece
3 Premium Atomizers
Variable Voltage
Clog-Free Design
Discreet & Portable
Magnetic USB Charging
Low Temp Vapor Production
AHOL Lapel Pin & Keychain
Intense, Flavorful & Potent Rips
Platinum-Grade Silicone Dab Mat
Silicone Wax Container & Dab Tool
Faux Spray Paint Can Stash Container
Artwork by Graffiti Artist AHOL Sniffs Glue

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