DabWorthy - Dozer Style Wide Quartz Carb Cap

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An awesome design replicating a bulldozers scoop, the Dozer Style Quartz Carp Cap is a perfect way to compliment your favorite dab rig or trough nail. This 3” Carb Cap designed by DabWorthy is a must-have for wide dozer nails that standard carb caps can’t quite fit. Made entirely from quartz, the Dozer Style Carb Cap will maximize your airflow from the nail and the handle even doubles as a dabber. Step up your dab game and grab one of these affordable carb caps today!

DabWorthy Dozer Quartz Carb Cap

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Made for Wax Concentrates 🍯
DabWorthy Dozer-Style Quartz Carb Cap
Fits Dozer and Trough Bangers & Nails
Designed for Domeless Nails
High Quality 100% Quartz
3” inches in Length
Dabber Handle
Made in China

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