CaliConnected 10” Double Windmill Recycler Bong 🌪

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Enjoy refined diffusion from this mid-size recycler made to be as highly functional as it is jaw-droppingly amazing. Mixing reliable performance with bargain level pricing, CaliConnected is releasing its very own exclusive line of premium glass bongs and water pipes using customer feedback to pave the way. The CaliConnected Double Windmill Recycler Bong was fashioned specifically using the most sought-after percolators, time-tested popular designs, and in-demand colors that truly make this water pipe a sensational addition to your collection.

The Double Windmill Recycler is equipped with the first of its kind pirate’s helm percolator, named after its near resemblance to a ship’s steering wheel. After lighting the bowl, this unique perc housed within the base of the bong will effectively filter & diffuse your smoke through four separate paths submerged in water. Two windmill percs that spin simultaneously as you inhale are situated inside floating recycler chambers and create a whirlwind of smoke & water that works to further cool down each rip. The floating chambers are interconnected by a third recycling chamber at the top where your smoke reassembles before traveling up the bent neck mouthpiece. Any excess water that makes it to the uppermost chamber is then directed into the recycling tunnel on the back and down to the base.

Despite its 10” inch stature, this piece rips like a bong twice its size. The extensive airpath paired with a triple threat of dynamic percolators allow the Double Windmill Recycler to provide ultra cool rips from your dry herbs with minimal harshness. This CaliConnected water pipe is complete with your choice of matching colored glass accents on the flared mouthpiece, pirate’s helm perc & spinning windmill percs, the reinforced downstem, 14mm joint, and the included 14mm bowl piece handle. We recommend filling the bottom chamber of the Windmill Recycler Bong entirely with water so on your first inhale water is sucked into the two floating chambers. From there, the bottom chamber should remain ¾ full with water and the chambers with the spinning windmill percs will stay filled about ½ way filled. It’s best to add water into the fixed downstem & inhale to work the water upwards, rather than pouring water into the mouthpiece.

Get Connected:

Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
CaliConnected Double Windmill Recycler Bong
Made from Premium Borosilicate Glass
Dual Spinning Windmill Percolators
Two Floating Recycler Chambers
90° Reinforced Downstem
Worked Maria Rings
Recycler Tunnel
10” inches Tall
Bent Neck
Flared Base

Flared Mouthpiece
14mm Female Joint
14mm Glass Bowl Piece
Purple/Green Colored Accents
Thick Scientific Glass Water Pipe

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