Dopezilla 8” Cerberus Dab Rig

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Color: Dark Blue
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The hounds of Hades are here to provide you with monster dabs! Meet Cerberus, part of Dopezilla’s new Monster Edition water pipes collection. In Greek mythology, Cerberus was depicted as a multi-headed dog that guarded the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving. Just like Greek myth, the Cerberus Dab Rig was designed with multiple features to make your dabbing experience as smooth as possible. The Dopezilla Cerberus Dab Rig is highlighted by a sleek straight tube body that cools your vapor using the honeycomb percolator disc to filter smoke through water. A built-in ice catcher just above the honeycomb perc allows you to fill the tube with ice for even cooler hits! The donut-style ice catcher doubles as a splash guard to prevent unwanted water from reaching your mouth when it’s not filled with ice. 

Dopezilla 8 inch Cerberus Dab Rig

The Dopezilla Cerberus Rig measures 8” inches tall and is made with 5mm thick borosilicate glass. The clear glass body is highlighted with a black & gold Dopezilla decal on the neck with a color matching Cerberus decal near the mouthpiece. The fixed, reinforced downstem that transports your vapor into the bottommost chamber as you inhale, also known as a reinforced Dewar’s joint, allows for easy access to included 14mm quartz banger and keeps the heat of your torch away from the body of the water pipe. Enjoy smooth, monster dabs with the Dopezilla 8” Cerberus Dab Rig today!

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Dopezilla 8” Cerberus Dab Rig
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Clear Straight Tube Body
Honeycomb Percolator
Built-in Ice Catcher
5mm Thick Glass
Colored Accents
8” inches Tall
Stemless Design
14mm Female Joint
14mm Quartz Banger
4” inch Diameter Base
Reinforced Dewar’s Joint
Thick Scientific Glass Oil Rig
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