KandyPens Galaxy x DJ Esco 56 Nights Edition Vaporizer 🍯

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Dj Esco, producer for rap star Future, teamed up with the biggest name in the vaping industry to bring you the KandyPens Galaxy 56 Nights  Limited Edition Wax Vaporizer Pen. A Compact vape pen with powerful production and a slick design, this fully functional vaporizer is the latest iteration of the KandyPens Galaxy. The KandyPens Galaxy 56 Nights features a temperature controlled battery, giving you a universe of different vapor profiles, and includes an upgraded mouthpiece with an air carb and 2 dual quartz atomizers. Enjoy wax concentrates vapor as potent and smooth as Future's trap house hits.

Like other KandyPens collaborations with big name artists, the 56 Nights vaporizer features an upgraded mouthpiece with an added air carb, a rarity for a wax vape pen. Users can clear out the entire chamber of the KandyPens Galaxy 56 Nights using the carb for bigger, lung-busting hits while also eliminating wasted vapor. The deep dish design of the KandyPens Galaxy 56 Nights atomizer allows for extended sessions & fewer loads, ideal for fitting into your busy lifestyle. The KandyPens 56 Nights edition is equipped with an elevated air flow system that prevents leaking, a common issue with wax vape pens, while promoting steady draws without clogs.

The KandyPens 56 Nights vaporizer features a powerful temperature controlled battery that allows you to toggle through temperatures from 350F, 390F and 430F. These preset temps are optimal for vaping wax concentrates and simple click commands make it easy to navigate. To prevent overheating and preserve battery power, KandyPens Galaxy 56 Nights has a 10-second auto-shutoff feature that turns the unit off when idle. KandyPens 56 Nights can be charged via Micro USB, making it easy to power up on the move. Expect delicious, lung-expanding vapor on-the-fly from the limited edition KandyPens Galaxy 56 Nights Limited Edition Vaporizer Pen.

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
KandyPens Galaxy x DJ Esco 56 Nights Edition 
Special Limited Edition Wax Vaporizer Pen
Upgraded Air Carb Mouthpiece
2x Dual Quartz Rod Atomizers
Temp Controlled Battery
Elevated Airflow System
Sleek Glossy Finish
510-Threading 🔋
Pen Style Design 

Deep-Dish Chamber
Dabber Tool Included
Sleek Glossy Black Finish
KandyPens 56 Nights Logo

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