DabWorthy Colored Rubber Ducky Carb Cap 🦆

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Color: Dark Blue
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Add some excitement to your oil rig with these Rubber Ducky Carb Caps from DabWorthy! These unique carb caps are made from colored borosilicate glass and feature worked glass accents that replicate a cute rubber duck toy (click here if you’re searching for a yellow duck carb cap that better resembles the classic bathtub toy instead). The Colored Rubber Ducky Carb Cap will fit any standard size banger nail and is a great dabbing accessory to keep around for rigs with domeless nails. If you happen to take a hit that's too big to finish, simply cap your banger while exhaling and save your precious concentrate vapors from burning away. The Rubber Ducky Carb Cap also works to reduce airflow into your banger and help your concentrates vaporize at lower temperatures for optimal flavors. Choose a color and replace your boring glass carb cap with an adorable colored duck today!

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Designed for Wax Concentrates 🍯 
DabWorthy Rubber Ducky Carb Cap
Colored Borosilicate Glass
Multiple Color Choices
1” inch Diameter
Easy to Grip
1.3” inches Tall
Oil Rig Accessory
Unique Duck Design 
Fits Standard Size Bangers
Designed for Domeless Nails

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