CaliConnected 16” Pyramid Perc Beaker Bong

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Merging valuable feedback from our customers with positive trends in the industry, we’ve designed a line of high quality glassware containing your favorite percolators and most sought-after designs that will make these glass bongs your next prized possession. The CaliConnected Pyramid Perc Beaker Bong stands 16” inches tall and is made from thick borosilicate glass. This large and in-charge water pipe features an unmistakable pyramid perc within the beaker base that takes your smoke from the fixed downstem and spreads it out through tiny slits lining the diameter of the base. This style percolator resembles a much larger version of a showerhead perc, providing a very thorough first layer of diffusion for filtering big rips through water. 

The blown-out middle chamber on the Pyramid Perc Beaker Bong features studded glass accents and works like a recycler chamber, enlarging the airpath to give your smoke some extra time to cool down within the glass. The massive straight neck was built to hold copious amounts of ice for extra cold rips, complete with a flared mouthpiece on top for easy handling. The internal pyramid perc and mouthpiece are both made from matching blue glass that give this water pipe unprecedented style. Enjoy top-notch filtration and extra smooth hits with the 16” Pyramid Perc Beaker Bong from the best online headshop!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
CaliConnected Pyramid Perc Beaker Bong 
Highest Quality Borosilicate Glass
Internal Pyramid Percolator
Flared Mouthpiece
Fixed Downstem
16” inches Tall
Straight Neck
Ice Catcher
45° Joint
Thick Glass
Beaker Base
Ergonomic Grip
Extreme Filtration
Blue Glass Accents
18mm Female Joint
18mm Funnel Bowl Piece
Clear Scientific Glass Bong

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