Acrylic 2-Piece Grinder

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The 2-Piece Acrylic Grinder is constructed using a ultra strong poly-carbonate acrylic designed for non-slip action. This grinder is easy to hold and has shark tooth nails inside for easy shredding action to produce fine ground material. We strongly recommend using a grinder for every vaporizer because it improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the vaporization process. Ground herb has more surface area, allowing heat to more thoroughly vaporize it. The 2-Piece Acrylic achieves finely ground herb and kief with just a few twists.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
2-Piece Acrylic Grinder
High Quality Acrylic
Small & Portable
Non-slip Design

** Note: Acrylic Grinder color varies. If you fell in love with a specific color, leave a request in the notes section of your shopping cart & we will do our best to honor it!

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