5.5″ Icicle - Freezable Tube Attachment for the Randy’s Chill

5.5″ Icicle Attachment - Extra Long Freezable Tube for the Randy’s Chill

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The Icicle is an extended freezable tube for the Randy’s Chill Vaporizer that stays cold even longer! In addition to staying colder longer, the 5.5” inch extended vapor path made of hand-blown glass offers even cooler hits than the freezable tube already included with the Randy’s Chill. Even when not frozen, the Icicle’s glass walls work effectively to cool smoke & vapor as it travels to the mouthpiece. 

5.5″ Freezable Icicle Tube Attachment for the Randy’s Chill Freezable Vaporizer at CaliConnected Online Headshop

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Randy's Chill Icicle Attachment
Only Compatible with the Randy’s Chill Vaporizer
5.5” inch Freezable Tube Mouthpiece 
Extended Icy Cold Vapor Path
Stays Colder Longer
Hand-blown Glass
Works Frozen & Unfrozen

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