UPC 20" Wrap & Rake 5 Zong Pull-Stem Water Pipe

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Impress your crew with this 20” inch tall monster bong with 5 zigzagging zongs! This impressively tall water pipe made by UPC Glass has a classy vibe thanks to wrap & rake styled glass on its bubble base and mouthpiece. This extremely voluminous water pipe allows you to draw huge rips from the pull-stem diffuser downstem and see your smoke zigzag through 5 distinct Z’s before finally reaching the top. Just be prepared, the 20” Wrap & Rake 5 Zong Bong is a water pipe that’s nearly impossible to keep from showing off. 

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
UPC Wrap & Rake 5 Zong Water Pipe
Pull-Stem Diffuser Downstem
Wrap & Rake Color Accents

5 x Angled Zongs
20” inches Tall!
45° Joint
Bubble Base
Scientific Glass Bong
American Made Glass [LA, CA]

**Color Accents Vary from Green to Yellow.

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