Roast & Toast Small Coffee Mug Pipe

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Part of a balanced breakfast of champions, the Roast & Toast Coffee Mug Pipe is guaranteed to get you going in the morning. The smaller version pipe mug from the originators at Premium Roast & Toast, this mug has an 11oz volume that is the perfect size for a spot of tea (with a hint of tree!). Unlike its larger double-walled counterpart with an internal air path, the built-in mouthpiece handle continues down the side and front of the mug to create a small spoon-style flower bowl on the front. A built-in air carb just below the bowl gives you full control over the size of each morning rip, while the fully ceramic design makes this hand pipe completely dishwasher & microwave safe just like any other mug! Choose your favorite color and enjoy the smaller, more portable version of the original pipe mug from Premium Roast & Toast.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Roast & Toast Small Coffee Mug Pipe
High-Quality Ceramic Construction
Fixed Flower Bowl on Front 
Mug Handle Mouthpiece
Built-In Air Carb Hole
11oz Coffee Cup
4” inches Tall
Unique Design
Choice of Color
Novelty Coffee Pipe
Great Gift for Stoners
Dishwasher/Microwave Safe
Premium Roast & Toast Artwork
Coffee Cup and Hand Pipe Combo

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