American Made Drop-down's
UPC American Made Drop-Down - Multiple Sizes & Genders
American Made Drop-down's
UPC American Made Drop-Down - Multiple Sizes & Genders
American Made Drop-down's
UPC American Made Drop-Down - Multiple Sizes & Genders
UPC Glass

UPC American Made Drop-Down - Multiple Sizes & Genders

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Get yourself a dependable glass drop down made by reliable American glassblowers here. These UPC American Made Drop-Downs are handcrafted in Los Angeles and come available in a multitude of sizes & genders to fit a variety of glass bongs & dab rigs. Drop downs prove to be a useful smoking accessory in any glass collection, even more so for your dab rig setup. Drop downs work to reduce the heat damage to the joint of your water pipe that can eventually crack from withstanding the high temperatures of a torch flame. Likewise, they add some extra breathing room between your fail and the nail or bowl slide. With an assortment of mismatching sizes & genders, the UPC Drop-Down also allows for the easy conversion of your waters pipe joints to fit whatever attachments you might have. 

Choosing your Size:

Just like in real life, male joints are designed to fit inside female joints while female joints slide onto the top of male joints. Typically, glass bongs & water pipes used for dry herbs will be equipped with female joints, while a dab rig will almost always have a smaller male joint because it fits a glass nail. With the UPC American Made Drop-Down, the first gender in the product title should be opposite the sex of your glass pipe (so it fits), while the second gender represents the compatibility of the new joint at the bottom of your drop down.

When picking your size, the first number should match the joint size of the bong or rig that you wish to connect. The second number indicates which size the new joint will be at the base of the drop-down. For example, if you have a dab rig with a 14mm male joint and you would like to keep it the same size & gender, you would choose the 14mm -14mm / female-male drop down.

The UPC American Made Drop-Down features two joints that come off the neck at 45° angles. Unlike Ashcatchers where the angle should match the joint angle on your bongs & water pipes, this UPC Drop Down sits best on 90° joints that sit upright when tabled. 

Get Connected:

Compatible with Glass Bongs & Dab Rigs 💨
UPC American Made Drop-Down
High-Quality Borosilicate Glass
Multiple Joint Sizes & Genders
45° Angled Joints
Ground Joints
Glass Accessory
Eliminates Heat Stress
Black UPC Barcode Decal
Scientific Glass Drop Down Adapter
Handmade in Los Angeles, California

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